That´s us

The name Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei Bamberg is synonymous
with high product quality, exceptional customer service and regional solidarity. We are a family company with values, longevity of tradition
and esteem. Common values are responsible for our success ……

Green responsibility

In a world where the CO2 footprint gets more and more important, we
also see ourselves as fully responsible for actively contributing to environmental protection. Thanks to the innovative technologies in our
new brewhouse, we save up to 60% of primary energy.
And then there’s a …


The Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei Bamberg has existed since 1718 and is the largest of the twelve breweries in Bamberg. It has been owned by the Wörner family for over 100 years. 1039 Beer has a long tradition in Bamberg. The first documentary mention goes back to...


The gastronomy locations of the Kaiserdom Privatbrauerei enliven Bamberg's restaurant world in many ways. Partly leased, partly managed by the company itself, locals and tourists of all ages are offered a lot of variety, from classic Franconian cuisine to Italian and Turkish and even young craft beer restaurant. Kaiserdom brewery inn and hotel...

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