That´s us

Since 1718 we brew beer with a passion. As a familiy company and private brewery, we understand our craft and strive for perfection of our brewing-art, to strengthen and expand our position in the market as the largest of the twelve Bamberger breweries. The brewery has been owned by the Wörner family for over 100 years. In the meantime, the fourth generation, Felix Wörner and his family, have taken over.


After 50 years, it was time for a new heart – 2018 was the start of the construction of our new brewhouse, which was commissioned in 2019 and which also houses a new de alcoholisation and a CO2 recovery plant. A decisive step on environmental protection. Read more

Brewer´s Lounge

In the newly built brewhouse is a brewer´s lounge, where customer events, tastings and seminars can take place. The focus is on the large conference table in the rustic natural wood style. The lounge is rounded off by a counter with a draft beer tap and fridges. There is a large wall screen for presentations.