Heritage Edition

Since 1718, we have been brewing beer with passion.
As a family brewery in the beer and World Cultural Heritage City of Bamberg, we are committed to quality and tradition.

Smoked Beer

Deeply rooted in Bamberg´s brewing tradition,
with flavors of beechwood smoke and dark chocolate.
Available in 0.44l cans.

Alcohol: 5,3 %, Gravity: 13,2 %

Indian Pale Ale

A light malt sweetness with a finely bitter hop blossom
and a pronounced aroma of citrus fruits.

Available in 0.44l cans.

Alcohol: 5,1 %, Gravity: 11,6 %


Strong golden yellow in color with a creamy head.
Fragrance of roasted hazelnut and caramel notes.
The first sip is full-bodied with well-balanced aromas
with distinctive mild toffee notes.
Available in 0.44l cans.

Alcohol: 8,2 %, Gravity: 18,5 %

These types of non alcoholic beer are not available in Germany.